This new concept in settling cases has already had a tremendous success rate for attorneys in cities nationwide. These brochures are videotaped overviews of the case, combining many creative techniques, and are for settlement purposes only. When still photos, documents, and interviews of family, friends, and experts are combined with videos of daily routines, the end product is a portrayal of life before the incident, how life has been altered, and what it will be like in the future.

The Video Settlement Brochure is strictly for the review of insurance adjusters and other attorneys. Since it is not meant for use at trial, you can be creative in your approach. Any time you send settlement documents to an insurance adjuster or another attorney, it is advantageous to include at least a short video production.

In addition, the expense of the Video Settlement Brochure is probably the smallest amount of money you will spend on behalf of your client, with great potential for a substantial return.

Advantages to Using the Video Settlement Brochure

■ can expedite settlement negotiations by showing the opposition the liability or damages involved in an effective, concise manner

■ gives the opposition the chance to see that you are organized and can make a good presentation

■ gives you the chance to introduce your witnesses as effectively as possible so the opposition can see what they would be faced with in a jury trial

■ can include portions from discovery depositions and Day-in-the-Life Documentaries to clarify and aid in understanding the claim