■ Video synchronization allows you to quickly find key deposition portions.

You can link directly to the video, audio, and transcript.

■ Excellent tool for impeachment of witnesses.

■ Makes it easy to redact sustained objections in depositions.

■ With synchronization of transcript and video, you can control

which sections of testimony you do or do not want to show.

■ You can link directly from any portion of transcript to its corresponding video.

■ Save time both in preparations and in trial by being able to quickly preview testimony by selecting text from the transcript.

■ Using only a laptop PC, you can show your video on a projection screen in court.

■ Using that same laptop, you will have instant access to video, audio, and transcript text of your depositions.

■Ability to store your video on laptop hard disk or DVD.

■ MPEG1 digital video format is portable and easy to store.

■ Display of transcript text on the screen will enhance impact of testimony.

■ Also enhances audio depositions by scrolling text on screen in sync with audio.

■ Synchronization is not only for deposition testimony. Useful for phone recordings, surveillance tapes, interviews, or 911 calls.

■ Excellent as a settlement tool. Initiate a favorable settlement by showing opposing counsel video sections of compromising testimony.

■ Most persuasive tool to present evidence during mediations, arbitrations, and trials.